Lawrence County Extension Office Rental Policy

Lawrence County Extension Office Rental Application

The Community and Economic Development program helps communities resolve locally determined problems with objective information and educational assistance. The program also develops community leadership potential and assists communities determine long-range programs of action on such issues as economic development, community services, community planning and visioning, land use, and community resource management.

Extension District Board Members:

Phillip Carter, Lawrence County Judge Executive
Wes Kingsmore, Chair
Kelli Hanshaw, Vice Chair 
Neil Wilson, Secretary
Debbie Cordle, Treasurer
Robin Adkins, Member
Jan Norris, Member

Lawrence County Extension Council Members

Robin Adkins
Scott Boggs
Jimmy Brewer
Michelle Brewer
Phillip Carter
Rhonlla Chaffin
Sherry Compton
Debbie Cordle
Rebecca Delong
Vince Doty
Kelli Hanshaw
Elsie Jones
Wes Kingsmore
Danny Maynard
Eddie Joe Maynard
Carolyn McGinn
Jan Norris
Paul Rice
Lawrence Vinson
Cathi Wells
Ashley Wilks
Neil Wilson

Lawrence County Homemaker Council Members

Sandy Campbell
Mary Jo Damron
Patty Ferrell
Diana Gauze
Joan Hatfield
Sandy Jobe
Gloria Johnson
Elsie Jones
Peggy Nelson
Teresa Pannell
Constance Queen
Donna Randall
Lavonne Roberts
Toby Roberts
Lillie Vinson
Alma Webb

Family & Consumer Sciences Council Members

Sandra Campbell
Deanna Farris
Rendy LaFlesh
Carolyn McGinn
Angela McGuire
Lavonne Roberts
Lawrence Vinson
Ashley Wilks
Neil Wilson


4-H Youth Development Community Council Members

Cody Osborne
Bre McCoy
Jessica Tackett
Michelle Brewer
Melissa Blackburn
Michele Combs
Tammie Vinson
Heather Compton

Agriculture Advancement Council Members

Brian Adkins
Danielle Adkins
Stuart Blevins
Rhonella Chaffin
Sherry Compton
Jerrie Cossett
Barabar Greer
Kaye King
Lawrence County Conservation District Representative
Bernice McCormick
Kevin McCormick
Joe McGinnis
John McGuire

Craig McNeil
Keith Moore
Constance Queen
Jay Sexton
Mark Sexton
Sara Sexton
Chris Slone
Malcom Smith
Teresa Strickland
Harley Weaver
Cathi Wells


Agriculture Development Council Members

Brian Adkins
Keith Bradley
Rebecca Delong
Kelli Hanshaw
Bill Johnson
Jerry Kitchen
Eddie Joe Maynard
Sara Sexton
Brenda Thornbury